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Dnghu's financial needs are covered by private and public funds, it does not have any commercial revenues. These funds come today mainly from educational institutions interested in sponsoring or promoting Dnghu projects, and also from regional public institutions interested in having Dnghu's centres within their territories.

Dnghu is an International, Not-for-profit Association located in Europe; it defends the values of free and open access to knowledge and technology, bringing together different cultures through the adoption of a common and natural language, thus powering communication without present-day cultural or artificial barriers - as those posed by e.g. English, French, Latin, Esperanto, etc.

We are also looking forward to collaborating with other non-profit institutions and dedicated individuals in the promotion of our projects worldwide If you are interested in applying for membership of the Dnghu Network, please contact us directly at soqjos@dnghu.org. .

All of our sites are were* free from advertisements. Visitors are not charged to read, use or edit our content. We rely entirely on the work and money of contributors. Our works and Internet traffic require expertise hiring, regular hardware updates, bandwidth costs and domain names purchases; also to continue the pioneering role in carrying out the overwhelming task of facilitating communication and knowledge in the world. We support at the same time the huge linguistic diversity - defending minority and regional languages - and promote free redistributable knowledge.

* Because no significant donations have been received from outside Spain and Portugal in the last 2 years, and because most users of dnghu.org come from the rest of the world, we decided to begin advertising in our webs on 02/1/2008, to cover at least some minimum costs. If you want to see Dnghu free from ads by donating, please tell us in your donation comments.

You may send donations to the Dnghu Association by clicking on the PayPal image. You will be able to add information about the reason or aim (e.g. project-specific) of your donation, and we will keep you informed about the destination of your money.

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