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Indoeiropiešu - Izplatiet vārdu!


If you want to help our organization, please consider these options:

  • Join us as a member of the Association; read the benefits of membership.
  • Help the Indo-European language revival by donating your time: collaborate in our projects.
  • If you haven't got the time to collaborate, or you are interested in giving us the possibility to work more easily, you can donate money to the project.
  • If you don't want to donate money directly, you can donate Books to our private library (which has an online version for members) using our Amazon wishlist.
  • You can buy copies of our book A Grammar of Modern Indo-European directly to us - the royalties included in the prize are in benefit of the Association.
  • If you are the webmaster or owner of a website, you might want to place a link to You can even try a links exchange, if your site is related to Indo-European languages or culture.
  • Before you leave our site, please consider recommending it to a friend, so that more people know about our efforts - you might use our Recommend this Site section to quickly send the mail.

Linking your site to : Spread the Word!

The Association graphics are here to make it easy for you to show your support for Dnghu and spread the word on your website.

Place one button on your website and link to the network; we want that our works reach everyone with internet access. Help Dnghu projects become well-known within the Internet community!. You can send us your own artwork to

Link to with these buttons by using the following code (XHTML):

<a href="" title="Indo-European Language Association">
<img src=""
width="254px" height="96px" alt="Dnghu" /></a>

Valid w3c xhtml 1.0 strict and "border 0" below code:

<a href="" title="Indo-European Language Association"><img
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 254px; height: 96px;"
alt="" title=""
src="" /></a>

where x in '' is the path to the file. You can view the path by looking at the properties of these images or in Firefox choosing 'View Image' from the right-click menu.

Small Buttons:

DNGHU .gif .png       DNGHU .gif .png       DNGHU .gif .png


DNGHU .gif .png     DNGHU .gif .png

DNGHU .gif.png DNGHU .gif.png

DNGHU .gif .png     DNGHU .gif .png

DNGHU .gif.png DNGHU .gif.png

DNGHU .png .gif DNGHU .gif .png

DNGHU .gif .png DNGHU .gif .png

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