Partecipare a rivivere la lingua indoeuropea

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20 MAR 2012

Dnghu projects are supported mainly by the free work and collaboration of people interested in Proto-Indo-European language revival. We appeal to international collaboration by supporting redistribution of free knowledge through our publications and resources.

All projects about Modern Indo-European have to be driven and coordinated within a stable legal and organizational framework. This framework is provided by the Dnghu Association: a young, decentralized, Open Source/Libre-driven, meritocratic, collaboration-led, not-for-profit organization.

We are interested in collaborations from a wide range of expertise. Each day we discover a new need among the different academic and professional fields, which are indeed not limited to the linguistic aspect

Meritocratic organization of the Dnghu Association:

Membership is governed by a competitive, collaboration-based meritocracy. The main tool for communicating and organizing us is the forum . The association is a legal umbrella under which resources can be published, and activies be organized officially as an incorporated entity.

The actual nature of individual relationship to the Association and to the language revival is diverse. Joining our forum - or any of the websites of our Indo-European Networks is a way to show willingness to collaborate in discussing linguistic and cultural issues, promoting the language revival, learning and teaching Late Proto-Indo-European, and helping organise the community, more than a way to give financial means.

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