New Wiki website, Werdhom, for translations of the Bible and other religious texts to Indo-European

The Dnghu Group has launched a new website powered by MediaWiki, the Free Encyclopedia's software, to promote the free translation of the Bible into Indo-European. The name Werdhom is the Indo-European (northern dialectal) word for Logos (Jesus Christ as Logos), usually translated as 'Word' in Germanic languages and 'Verbum' in Latin.

As with other Indo-European language projects, content will be licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, and we expect Bible texts in different languages to be translated into Indo-European, in Europaio or Sindhueuropaiom grammatical systems alike.

Even though Indo-European public projects haven't still the necessary support to host more community-driven websites, we had our timetable of public releases and expenses, and want to achieve the different milestones within time. The domains were purchased as planned, and whether the site will be used or not depends on people.

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