Politique Linguistique de l'Union Européenne

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Dnghu's Foundation Project FAQ and Errata

  1. 12/4/08 :: The language list for automatic translation stated Persian (فارسی), but linked to the Arabic (العربية) translation.
    • 14/4/08 :: Now it has been corrected. Thanks to our reader for pointing it out.
  2. 12/4/06 :: What did you mean by Aramaic being "equivalent" to Latin for Israelis?
    • 12/4/06 :: Before the Jews were expelled from their Homeland, they spoke Aramaic, which substituted old Hebrew after the fall of Jerusalem. Aramaic would have then been a more rational choice for the Israelis than Latin, given that it had been spoken in the old Land of Israel for six centuries, and that it belongs to the same linguistic family, the Semitic one.

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