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The Indo-European International Auxiliary Language project, Sindhueuropaiom, begins with the public release of Noun Declension in Indo-European

The Dnghu Group has begun an international auxiliary language project, following some concerns over the usability of the European language - mainly based on the northern Indo-European dialects and modern European languages - as a future international language.

The output of the Sindhueuropaiom project should be a neutral modern language, which preserves all the known features of the common IE language, even those with different use and meaning in Northern and Southern dialects.

A first step towards this end was to write a first Appendix to our main work, the Europaio Grammar, with more flexible common Indo-European noun declension rules, less systematic and, at the same time, more natural and - thus - more fit for having its own natural (modern) dialectal diversity.

Sindhueuropaiom.org web site has been designed to facilitate worldwide support for a language that is currently the mother tongue of half the world's population, and spoken by most of the other half. It is, just like Europaio in Europe, a language that does not have any cultural implication - like Esperanto pretended to be -, but with a democratic concept: the language of the majority should be used for international communication.

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