Some Benefits of Membership

7 Jan 2010

Membership is very cheap compared with most other academic, cultural and social organisations in Europe and elsewhere.

The standard initial payment gives the right to become member of the Association, if the individual member is not rejected by the Board, according to Art. 10 d) of the Constitution. Special expenses will be covered either through extraordinary annual subscription payments for members (always less than 15€) or through calls for voluntary donations by members and non-members alike.

Please note that the actual nature of individual relationship to the Association and to the language revival is diverse, being membership mainly a way to show willingness to collaborate in organising the Association, promoting the language revival, and teaching and learning Proto-Indo-European, more than a way to obtain financial or any other benefit from its members.

The benefits of membership include:

  • The right to vote on important matters and to be elected for the Association board.
  • The right to incorporate official chapters of Dnghu in your region or country.
  • Personal mail account (6 GB) of the type your_login@dnghu.org.
  • Access to our PRIVATE ZONE services (Online Private Library, contacts, chat, tools,...).
  • Special discounts on our Indo-European language titles, if and when they are published through traditional distribution.
  • A link to your Personal WordPress blog from the dnghu.org site.
  • Membership of the Modern Indo-European mailing list and Google group.
  • The right to organise specialised official Dnghu conferences or courses about Indo-European matters.
  • Attendance without surcharge at our future Indo-European Conferences & Language Courses.

You can read more information about joining the Indo-European Language Association.

If you are not interested in joining us at this moment, you can still collaborate in our public projects in your free time.

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