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Indoeuropæiske Centerrne

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7 Jan 2010

Dnghu is an international, non-profit Association, whose main activities are driven thanks to the help of the online community.

Its main location is shared with Academia Biblos, which provides financing help as well as free hosting for Dnghu's websites.You can reach us at:

Asociación Cultural Dnghu
(Academia Biblos)
Pl. Santa María de la Cabeza, 3, E-LL
06004 Badajoz (Spain)

Direct contact with other people

Because of the international nature of the language revival project, and due to the current limited development of the organization, a decentralized language teaching and learning is needed. Listed below are those individuals and organizations relevant to the Association since it opened for membership in april 2008. Information about them includes:

  • Actual relationship to the project:
    • Member.- right to vote in relevant questions and to be elected for the board.
    • Collaborator.- have actively collaborated with us in our reference works or websites.
    • Interested.- have expressed persisting interest (not just some contact mails) in the project or grammar.
    • Language learner.- interest in practising the spoken language with others.
  • Year of first contact with us.
  • Link to website or email address, if available and allowed.
  • Other relevant information they would like to share.

To request inclusion in this list (and to contact other interested individuals), please email us or refer directly to our Facebook group.

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