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Индоевропейски Култура и Общество

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7 Jan 2010

This section contains information about different books on Indo-European culture and society.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dnghu official reference books are the free manual A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, and the Proto-Indo-European etymological lexicon, syncretic works that try to sum up the current state of the art, oriented towards a modern use of the language.

Featured eBooks on Indo-European Culture and Society

Indo-European Poetry and Myth by M. L. West (2007) Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans by T. V. Gamkrelidze, V.V. Ivanov
MLWest Ivanov
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Archaeology and language: the puzzle of Indo-European origins by C. Renfrew (1990) Les Indo-européens by J. Haudry (1992)
Archaeology JeanHaudry
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