A European collaborative news website, digg-based, promoted by Dnghu, www.newas.eu

as of 26 Jan DNS names don’t seem to have spread widely, so you may not be able to see subdomains en.newas.eu, es.newas.eu and fr.newas.eu depending on where you connect to the Internet from

This new Dnghu project, Newas (“News”) is not directly related to Indo-European language revival, but to the Group’s general aim of building collaboration-driven, multilingual communities for free licensed knowledge within the European Union.

Apart from this general objective, we hope this site helps us improve our Indo-European language news website, Europaios (“European”), in choosing the most interesting news to translate for the public, instead of selecting them ourselves.

The software (Pligg, under GPL) only has English (default) French and Spanish translations; we will wait to see if the page is used by our readers, to decide if we will offer it in more languages, translating the necessary files. If you are interested in having one Newas site in your language right now, just contact the Group.

Your Indo-European Language Team.

A new Indo-European website: free Indo-European languages’ resources at www.indo-european.eu

A new webblog has been configured in our Web servers to host free Indo-European languages’ resources.

We wanted to host a wiki site, but eventually believed that such a domain name under a Wiki engine would be in great risk of becoming the spammers’ objective for different language courses and learning promotion.

The blog, however, is indeed open for contributions, directly (in the form of comments) and indirectly, using emails to recommend us other websites and books. We plan to use it to host different ebooks and other resources, as well as general reports about other websites hosting free language resources.

Your Indo-European Language Team.