A Tentative Syntax of Modern Indoeuropean published! And a Spanish translation of A Grammar… on its way

These are the latest news:

    • Fernando López-Menchero’s A Tentative Syntax of Modern Indoeuropean has been published online and in printed version. This book contains hundreds of common sentences and expressions, comprehending a large variety of usual situations and syntactic structure, to acquire the necessary syntactic knowledge to speak the ancient language of Late Proto-Indo-Europeans. It has a comfortable bilingual two-column format that helps the reader (whether new to the language or an advanced scholar) to learn Proto-Indo-European vocabulary and grammar while studying its syntax.
    • After more than a year of work, a reader has provided us with a full Spanish translation of the third edition of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European. We are currently revising the translation, while we fit the texts into the original format. Within weeks we plan to publish the fully translated work. Another reader is also working on a French version of the book. Please contact us if you are interested in working on other translations.


Your Indo-European Language Team

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  1. Olivier Simon, Thursday, May 30th, 2013, 11:17 am

    Congratulations for this new work ! And I’m sorry I couldn’t go beyond one chapter for the French translation. This new book is impressive; rather than a scholarly analysis of PIE syntax, it is a very detailed phrasebook of a western dialect of PIE (ex: no laryngeals, analysis in tenses, not aspects). The sum of translations provided may hopefully inspire other people to try to write other sentences in PIE.
    Khauris nawehrg !



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