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45 copies of the Indo-European Grammar sold in the first 30 days, copies sent to members and Dnghu’s new bank account

These are the latest developments at Dnghu:

  • Our main work, A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Second Edition, has been sold as printed book through Amazon 45 times since the 16th of October (plus one copy of the earlier 4.1 version), what makes it quite a successful start, compared to the first edition of the grammar. We expect the number of books sold to decrease probably to 20 each month, given that some of the books initially sold correspond to updates of those who owned the first edition. The number is not related to the (much higher) number of readers (or downloaders), but is a good indicator of real interest in the grammar.
  • Three books will be sent to members who bough the first edition of the grammar, thanks to the money earned during the last 30 days with the second edition. Another copy will be sent to an editor for its promotion among bookshops.
  • The new bank account of the Dnghu Association has been created at the BBVA. We hope to get less problems with PayPal thanks to that change.

Your Indo-European Language Team.