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Modern Indo-European Grammar 2nd Ed., Indo-European for the EU (2007), and Proto-Indo-European Etymological Dictionary by J.Pokorny

At least three new main releases have been made since our last report:

  1. Modern Indo-European Grammar, Vol. I (Morphology), version 2.10, already published as Full Second Edition. We will see how the volume on MIE Syntax is written and revised from now on.
  2. Proto-Indo-European Etymological Dictionary by Julius Pokorny (originally Indogermanisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch), revised and formatted as tagged PDF for quick reference.
  3. Proto-Indo-European language revival for the EU, our Foundation Project of 2006, revised as a European Association project for 2007.

All publications are made under a dual Free/Libre licence Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike v. 3.0 and GNU Free Documentation License v.2.

For more on minor version changes on this and other common works, please refer (and suscribe) to our Indo-European language resources’ blog.

Your Indo-European Language Team.

Modern Indo-European (or “Europaio”) Grammar, Volume I, First Revised Edition, published as GFDL/CC-by-sa

Here it is, Modern Indo-European Grammar Version 2.0, a large file (around 4Mb) to download from our servers or from external file servers.

Because of the recent news about our project in the Spanish media (El Mundo and Spanish Television News “La 2 Noticias”), and the growing interest in the project, we have decided to release now what we had already fixed, instead of waiting till the rest of the grammar was properly revised (especially the verbal system).

As the licence is now GFDL/CC-by-sa, it is not really important whether the grammar is completely correct, as anyone can now copy, improve and redistribute it freely.

Also, we will keep publishing minor revisions (beginning from version 2.0), and hopefully make another major release together with Volume II, Syntax, before this summer.

Thanks to all our readers and contributors.


Your Indo-European Language Team.

Modern Indo-European Grammar (First Revised Edition) to be published in two different volumes

Due to some delays in the (re)writing of the new Modern Indo-European Grammar, the Dnghu Association has decided to follow the next schedule:

1st. Publishing of the first revised edition of Modern Indo-European Grammar, Vol. I, Writing System, Phonology and Morphology. Probably in the next week or two, we still have some formatting pending. (If you are new to our project, go on and read the old one; you will love the change…)

2nd. Try to be more open to newcomers, firstly by answering past mails: sorry to those of you who e-mailed us in the last month, we just had too many tasks – the opening of another Biblos centre, the University, moving the Association headquarters and servers, our jobs,…

3d. Revise and improve the web schemes, e.g. avoiding the excesive use of “Europaio” instead of Modern Indo-European (or simply Indo-European), focusing on simple webs to collaborate united (and not scattering efforts), uniting europaiom-sindhueuropaiom web pages into a single portal for common MIE resources in different languages, building an encyclopedic portal in Indo-European, changing Dnghu’s FAQ to adapt it to new developments, etc.

4th. Try to follow a good pace in posting news in Modern Indo-European, also in podcast if possible, to help with our “teaching and learning” objective, and with a more precise syntax (v.i.)

5th. Publishing of Modern Indo-European Grammar, Vol. II, Syntax. This is a huge work, and we hope to get some specialized help; we’ll wait to see if it’s better to publish it in small parts – to discuss openly the final output – or (as with Vol. I) in major releases.

To date, we can’t know the timetable for such a roadmap, but with some work (and your help), we think we could finish them before this summer.

Thank you all for the last Indo-European year. Happy anniversary (the gift still to come)!

Your Indo-European Language Team.