Modern Indo-European Verb conjugator and article on the migration of Indo-European-speaking peoples

Fernando López-Menchero is still working on his self-learning course of Modern Indo-European. He did already publish a Modern Indo-European verb conjugator in ResearchGate: I have been very busy with my PhD thesis for more than three years already (on Knee anatomy and pathology, nothing related to MIE), but while I wait to defend it I have written […]

A Tentative Syntax of Modern Indoeuropean published! And a Spanish translation of A Grammar… on its way

These are the latest news: Fernando López-Menchero’s A Tentative Syntax of Modern Indoeuropean has been published online and in printed version. This book contains hundreds of common sentences and expressions, comprehending a large variety of usual situations and syntactic structure, to acquire the necessary syntactic knowledge to speak the ancient language of Late Proto-Indo-Europeans. It […]

A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, updated; and new Prometheus (Engineer Language) Edition!

These are the latest news: A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, has been revised with a lot of minor corrections into v. 3.10 Fernando’s Proto-Indo-European lexicon has been updated, and incorporated into the grammar We have published the new version of the grammar, including all new information, online and printed at Amazon, without the […]

Modern Indo-European learning course (Alpha version) revised, Syntax near to publication, and translations

It seems that, after some months of public standstill in our websites, people are showing again that they have been working hard backstage. 2012 will be a great year for those willing to learn (Late) Proto-Indo-European as a living language: 1) Mario has published a revision of his work, the Modern Indo-European learning course. He […]

Modern Indo-European learning course (Alpha), Pokorny’s Etymological Dictionary and PIE dictionary-translator

As promised, these are the newest developments of the Dnghu Association: The ‘experimental’ sketch for the first (self-)learning course of Modern Indo-European, by Mario Basile, has been published. While still in Alpha (very unstable) version, it is intended to promote and allow for collaboration on a learning course with an Assimil-like format. It will eventually […]

“A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition”: Price Policy Change, New File Formarts and Automatic Translations

Because of some complaints about the high price of the new printed edition of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, we have reduced it to the minimum possible for sales in Amazon, as some of you have already noticed, judging from the increase in sales. The previous price was necessary to include CreateSpace’s traditional distribution service, […]

Publication of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, and changes to server and websites

A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, has been published. After rejecting the first proof from Amazon’s print-on-demand company CreateSpace, the second proof arrived today and it was just fine. The margins remain maybe small for an ideal professional publication, but we deem it useless to fight against a sort of ‘burocracy’ for small publishers, […]

Short delay in the publication of the third edition of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, the new self-learning book, and server management

Dear members and friends, Even though we planned to publish the third printed edition of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European (and to have it published online) by this time already, we had to solve some unexpected problems in linguistic aspects, as well as in the final editing and design of the book. Nevertheless, to compensate […]

Back to work: full revision of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, syntax and learning course

Dear members and friends, We have been revising the grammar for 5 intensive weeks already, and probably within 2 weeks we will publish a new full revision of it. While this (probably third printed) edition has been improved to a great extent, there are two aspects we still have to work with: – Fernando is […]

Open letter to the Indo-European Language Revival Association members, friends and supporters

Dear members, friends and supporters of Dnghu, We are aware that we have neglected many of you over the last months. This letter is part of our attempt to put this right, informing you of the latest events. After a long time of dealing with our professional issues, which have completely absorbed our time, partly […]

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